Monday, May 28, 2012

~Bella's stint as a flower girl~

I hope everyone is having a lovely Memorial Day weekend! We started ours out Friday with the wedding of some friends of ours. The groom ,Vincent, is an officer on my husband's squad and the bride, Lisa, we have known forever. Her mother keeps Bella for us and also was Hailey's babysitter about 9 years ago. I was a little concerned with how Bella was going to do, with her being only 22 months old, but she made it down the aisle successfully carried by the bride's daughter, Casey. It was adorable. The only problem came when Casey handed Bella off to me so that she could arrange her mother's veil. Bella decided that she wanted to be up front and made a beeline for the wedding party. I used my quick momma reflexes to grab her, but unfortunately she was having no part of that and started to throw an all out tantrum. Right in the middle of the wedding. The ceremony was outdoors so I took off with her across the grass away, from the action, so that the ceremony could continue without interruption. Have you ever tried to run across grass with 4 inch heels while carrying a thrashing toddler? Well, my ankle turned and I ended up having to kick my heels off across the grass and run barefoot with her across the lawn. How's that for entertainment? From what I hear the rest of the ceremony went off without a hitch, but I wouldn't know because I was in the building where Bella's screams could not be heard:) The rest of the night was great and Bella danced until 11pm that night. I mean, did not leave the dance floor. Danced her little heart out. She's a life of the party kinda girl. I have a feeling we may have our hands full with this one;)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

25 Secrets of Happy Moms~ Secret # 21:)

I love reading parenting magazines for a lot of reasons. To get new ideas and insight, to find out the latest info, to read about things that relate to my life right now, and to feel connected with other moms like me. When editors ask questions that inspire me, I usually respond. I have been lucky enough to have two responses I've written published in American Baby magazine within the last year and a half. I thought that was kinda neat, but I was really suprised when I saw something I'd written in this article by Parents magazine! Check out "secret" #21 at this link written by yours truly;)

25 Secrets of Happy Moms
Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely spring weekend and soaking up lots of family time!:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beachy Post:)

I am one lucky girl:) To celebrate Mother's Day this year we made the short 1 1/2 hour trip to Emerald Isle for the weekend. ( I so appreciate how convenient it is to live so close to the beach!) Our Saturday was spent with our sweet friends the Braxton's on the beach soaking up the sun. Unfortunately we didn't get too many pics that day because we were so busy chasing kids:) But my girl's sure did love their 10 month old Knox and I loved getting to have his momma Jordan to hang out with:)
Day 2 ~ Aka~ Mother's Day was awesome. We spent it playing with the kids on the beach near fort macon and relaxing just the 5 of us. It truly was a perfect Mother's Day. Of course Hailey, who has been studying the pirate Blackbeard, was filling us in on all kinds of fun trivia. Like that Blackbeard's house, the Hammock house, is a few miles away in Beaufort and that his ship is, according to Hailey, underwater 12 miles off the coast at fort macon. I love that she is really into history like her momma:) We saw lots of fins in the water which were, of course, dolphins. Though you never know on the NC coast!. Tons were out Mother's day, jumping all around near shore. It was so much fun for the girls to watch! And the subject of fins brings us to our all time favorite week of summer~~~~ SHark week~~~. Yes, we know we have a couple of months to wait, but we are shark fanatics here and we anxiously await it every summer. And we are getting so close to summer! Just a few short weeks of school left for the girls and then off to Myrtle beach for our summer vacation! Can you tell I'm getting just a little bit excited for summer.... until then here are our pics from our beach Mother's Day!

Happy late Mother's Day to all of my fellow blogging mommies!! ( Okay, I'm a few days late but, hey, I'm a mother of three and part time worker bee. But I do try:)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Nurse's Week!!

Yes, I have a stomach of steel (except when I'm pregnant) and absolutely nothing embarrasses me:) Happy Nurse's Week to all of my fellow nurses:)