Thursday, September 15, 2011

So, what have we been up to??

Well, we have been busy as can be around here! Since my last post these two girls have started their school year....

They both LOVE their classes and have enjoyed being back into a routine. And of course I sent them a note in their lunch to remind them how special they are to me.

After the excitement of the first week of school we were paid a unwelcome visit by Irene....Maybe you've met her??

These pictures were taken from my husband's patrol car the day after Hurricane Irene made landfall...

Thank the Lord, we only had minor damage to our home and property. And most importantly we all came through safely.

And something else that has come since my last post...September 1st, which to me equals 'time to put up my fall decorations':):) If you can not tell, I do not procrastinate when it comes to celebrating the change of seasons!