Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And we are entering the....Double Digits!

I can not even believe my precious baby girl is 10, yes you read that right, 10 years old! This little girl has taught me more than I ever imagined possible over the last 10 years of our lives. Having her opened the flood gates of new feelings, knowledge,a new sense of purpose and has led me on a continual journey of self evaluation. Through both incredible luck and lots of hard work on our part, Hailey has grown into an empathetic, patient, well mannered, loving little girl who is leading a great example for her little sisters.

So here is how we celebrated her entry into the double digits...

Every year since she turned 7 years old we have had a large sleepover birthday party for her with her friends and cousins. It's so fun to look at how much they grow up over 4 years! Below I have included a picture of the party girls from each year.

Hailey's 7th Birthday Sleepover


Hailey's 8th Birthday Sleepover


Hailey's 9th Birthday Sleepover


Hailey's 10th Birthday Sleepover


What a trip down memory lane! It really brings home how fast these little ones grow and the importance of using these years wisely to prepare them for adulthood. I have to admit that entering the teenage years in just 3 short years has me slightly terrified, but my hope and prayer is that He will guide me through and that everything that we have worked so hard to instill in her will help to make it as smooth as possible.