Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stuff I'm really loving right now~

It's been a while since I've posted some of my favorite things and since that is constantly changing, it's probably about time to update:) #1 Thank you to this lovely blog friend, I now have this awesome iphone cover. Love the color, it makes me seriously happy. You should check her blog out. She has the cutest style:)
#2 How did I ever survive without my Erin Condren planner? I've had it for a couple of months now and it has made my life so much easier. So much better than my former planners and a whole lot cuter too:)
#3 I'm really int all of Essie's bright summer colors. I especially love the color Watermelon. #4This necklace came from Vestique and it has quickly became one of my favorites. I wore it with this coral dress to a wedding and the colors were so pretty together. It is well made and very affordable. I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of it. I wear it all the time! #5 This has been a long time coming. 11 years in fact! My husband and I are taking a trip to Key West, FL at the end of August....with no kids!! We have had only one 2 night trip since we spent the week together in Gatlinburg for our wedding almost 11 years ago. Mostly, I am an overprotective mother who can't fathom the thought of leaving her children with someone else for any extended amount of time. Another part of me feels that if I am spending the money on a great trip, I want it to be something that the kids can participate and enjoy in too. Then there's that little part of me who thinks Wouldn't it be awesome to spend a vacation actually relaxing, spending one on one time with my husband, and not planning things around nap times?? So I gave in and booked the kids. I think now that the girls are 10,7, and 2, my husband and I are due for some well deserved alone time! And here's where we'll be spending it!! Casa Marina~ P.S. Don't feel too sorry for the kids. We're taking them to Myrtle Beach for 5 days next week:) A few favorite things that never change.....Coffee, anything pumpkin, mint oreo cookies, moscato, mexican food!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

~Our week told by my iphone~

I think considering my iphone and I are very tight, nothing would tell the story of our life better than the photos stored on it. So without furthur ado, here are the little snippets from this past week... Lots of outdoor play time

Yummy beer can chicken on the grill. Words can not even describe how moist and delicious this was.

Little Miss Priss at Hailey's end of year awards program

Hailey with her Principal's List trophy. This means she had straight A's the entire year. So far she has gotten this award both years that she has been recieving letter grades. We are so proud of her! Mary Kathryn has not yet started recieving letter grades but we were particularly proud of her award for getting top AR points. These points are accrued after completing a book and successfully passing a test about the book. Mary Kathryn has moved on to reading chapter books and that has helped her to accrue lots of points. We are super proud of how well she reads and most of all of how much she loves to read! Something else Mary Kathryn loves to do is dancing. She takes both ballet and jazz and practices constantly. Her passion is ballet and she literally dances from room to room. She spends an enormous amount of home time up in her room practicing and making up dances. I am seriously considering installing and barre and mirror in her room. She would LOVE it!

And last but not least are the hydrangeas that I cut from the bushes around our house. There is nothing quite like hydrangeas, ice tea, and cheese straws on a summer day in the south:)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mommy Question~

Does anyone know of a good sippy cup that DOES NOT LEAK??? I have tried countless cups and still my beige couches are getting juice and milk stains. Suggestions pleasssse!! Thank you!!