Monday, April 18, 2011

Bella is 9 months!! Really!?

Oh, how the months have flown by!! Nine LONG months of carrying her and such a short nine months since!! But time flies when you're having fun (and when your really busy caring for baby!). Let the 9 month update begin!!!

Feedings~ Bella is nursing every 3 to 4 hours approximately 4-5 ounces per feeding. She also eats one jar of baby food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and loves to eat Gerber yogurt melts and fruit puffs for snack twice a day. Her favorite baby foods are Beechnut yogurt banana apple, and Beechnut good morning cinnamon raison granola, applesauce, and mashed potatoes. We also offer a couple of ounces of juice or water once a day but she really isn't interested just yet.

Sleep~ For the most part, Bella is waking around 11pm and between 5 and 6am to eat. Occasionally she sleeps through the 11pm feeding and wakes at 3:30am. I try to give her the paci and hope she will sleep until morning, but sometimes I go on and feed her and then let her sleep in. Of course some nights are better than others!! Bella is still a tummy sleeper and prefers to sleep in her own crib. She does not sleep well in our bed or her playpen at all, which is a good thing I guess! She now naps 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. But this is at our house only. The couple of days a week that she is at the sitters she doesn't nap as well. She just can't sleep with all the other children around and not being in her crib. On those days she is ready to go to bed by 5:30-6:00pm and I let her if we are at home!

Play~ Bella loves to explore the house and look for anything and everything to get into. She thinks real people items are just so much more fun to play with than her toys! I have started giving her bowls, pans, cooking utensils, empty shampoo bottles ect, to play with and they will keep her occupied much longer than her baby toys will. Oh, and she LOVES the channel changer. We finally took the batteries out of one and gave it to her:)

Sunny Day?...Bella's prepared!!

Development~ Bella is crawling well and pulling up on everything!! She responds to her name. She also understands words such as "no-no" and "bye-bye." In fact, she has started to say "no, no, no, no, no" and wave her hand in front of her face if she is done eating or doesn't want you to wash her face. She even started trying to hit us in the face while saying "no,no". Needless, to say we were quick to correct that and she doesn't do that anymore! She loves to say "dada" or "mama" and I think she is beginning to know who is who. Banging two objects together is definitely entertaining to her right now, as well as playing peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake. Her pincer grasp is very good and she can easily pick up the tee-tiniest little things off the floor. I don't care how much I vaccuum she will find some little thing on the carpet and try to eat it!!

Favorite things this month~ Giving BIG hugs and big SLOPPY kisses!! Crawling, pulling up, and exploring! And Bella absolutely positively loves to dance. Just give her a beat, any beat, and she starts dancing. It is SO cute but I have yet to get it on camera. I am determined though and there will def be a post of that coming soon!!Feeding herself her snacks and as always....Playing with her sissies!!:)

We love you Bella~Bee!!!


Tara said...

What a great first picture of her!!!

Graceandjoelroberts said...

How is she 9 months old!! She is SO CUTE!! Love the update and all she is doing, what a sweet girl!!