Monday, April 25, 2011

A Sweet 6th Birthday!!

In honor of Mary Kathryn's 6th birthday, here are a few pictures from the past 6 years. Wow, 6 years old! And it seems she was just Bella's size. There goes the time again...just flying by.

These next pictures are from Mary Kathryn's actual birthday, April 25th. On her special day I took her to get her first mani-pedi and then we went on a family picnic and finally home to open her Our Generation doll( Target version of American Girl) which she has been wanting forever. She was super excited!!

(Notice the pretty manicured nails!)

And lastly are the pictures from Mary Kathryn's birthday party. She invited a few of her little girl friends from school and church and they all had a blast painting their own jewelry boxes, butterfly masks, jumping on the trampoline and blowing bubbles. And of course there were lots and lots of yummy treats to eat! We were very blessed with beautiful weather on the party day and she later told me it was "The best birthday ever!".

These strawberry chocolate covered marshmallow pops were super yummy and easy to make...

Happy 6th Birthday to our sweet Mary Kathryn!!

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Tara said...

Wow, what a wonderful birthday for your big girl!