Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bella's 1 year pictures

Around each of my children's 1st birthday, I have always had "1 year shots" taken. For Bella, she had just had some beautiful pictures made at 9 months and with our very busy summer, I decided to take some of my own outside our home. She is at a phase right now where it is very hard to get her to sit still for pictures, but I was still able to catch a few cute ones before she grew to bored/hot/hounded by knats. The white dress in the photos was originally Hailey's and each one of the girls have worn it in their one year pictures.

This last picture is my absolute favorite. It shows so much of her sweet little personality. We have so enjoyed Bella's first year of life and are having so much fun watching her grow into a toddler.

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Tara said...

You got some really good ones!!!