Thursday, August 26, 2010

One excited little kindergartner and 3rd grader!

Yesterday, I had one excited little kindergartener and 3rd grader! Mary Kathryn has been talking about starting school all summer and was so excited about the first day she was practically bubbling over with it! She has had her new bookbag hanging on her closet door since she got it and has been trying it on for anybody and everybody who will look. Hailey, who loves school, was all about getting all of her supplies organized and packed perfectly in her bookbag. She is definitely one that likes things done "just so" and most of the time it is better to let her organize things herself. She was up and dressed 30 minutes before the alarm clock ever went off! Mary Kathryn is not a morning person, but as soon as she woke up good, she was practically running circles around the house. It is very hard to put a neat ponytail in a child who is jumping up and down! And wonder of all wonders, we were on time to school with minimal rushing around! I found that since I was already up at 6am feeding the baby, it was not nearly as hard to get up and get things done on time. Usually I will hit the snooze button and get up at the very last minute causing me to rush around the house on school mornings. Who would have thought that having a newborn would actually help me to get places on time!

Here are some pictures of the girls before going to school. Even Bella got in on the action!

When we got to the school (of course, it was a madhouse!)we first took Hailey to her class. She went on in without a problem and was excited to find her seat and get started. We then took Mary Kathryn to her classroom. She is a lot more shy than Hailey and was a little more apprehensive since it was her very first day at school. We are so thankful that she has gotten Mrs. Phillips, who seems to be great with the children and helped to make Mary Kathryn feel right at home.

Below is a picture of Mary Kathryn with her kindergarten teacher.

And here is a picture of Mary Kathryn finally getting started on her first day of "Big Girl School"!!

Once we left Mary Kathryn happily coloring we snuck back over to get a picture of Hailey in class on her first day. Hailey caught me taking a picture and was obviously not too happy about it. Oh no.... Have I turned in to THAT embarassing mom!:)

But I got my way and here is the picture of Hailey starting her first day as a 3rd grader! (She'll appreciate these pictures one day!)

I am so happy everything went smoothly on the girls first day and we were able to adjust to running on a schedule with the baby. Yet another step towards normalcy!!!:)


The Dawes said...

I love all of the pictures...those moments will last a are officially a SUPER MOM!!! : ) and by the way you look GREAT!!!

Graceandjoelroberts said...

OH my gosh, they are the cutest! Those outfits are adorable and you look GREAT! You do not look like you've had any children, let alone have a newborn. How exciting for them!