Thursday, September 2, 2010

6 week old + stomach virus + cold = 1 pitiful Bella

This past weekend was not a fun one to say the least! Last Friday morning Bella began vomiting every time she ate and was gagging and coughing even between feedings. Needless to say, after almost 6 weeks of eating well with minimal spitting up, I was one concerned Mama! After a trip to her pediatrician she was sent to the hospital for a barium swallow. Thank goodness, the test showed no signs of pyloric stenosis or any other problems and it was determined that she had a stomach virus. Her doctor advised having her drink pedialite only for 6 hours to give her stomach a rest. Luckily, it seemed to help and Bella was vomiting a lot less over the next day. Unfortunately, she had also picked up a cold and was very congested. So in addition to a pedialite regimen I was also suctioning her nose constantly so she could breathe easier. Poor Bella! I felt so bad for her! She was absolutely miserable and there wasn't really much I could do but let it run its course and cuddle her as much as possible. Mary Kathryn had gotten a "runny nose" the day before and I probably should have seen it coming. With two older children in school I figured they would bring home some colds and such, but the very first week, REALLY! I am so glad the stomach vomiting is well in the past and besides a little bit of nasal congestion, the cold is better as well. There will be a WHOLE LOT of hand washing and hand sanitizing going on in our house. I have always stressed this to the girls but after this I'm sure I'll be chasing them around with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Right before she got sick, Bella had begun to smile and coo at us but I was unable to get a good picture of it. As she was recovering from her bout of illness we didn't see much smiling going on but finally she is feeling better and here is my happy baby again!!!

And still just as pudgy as ever!

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

Oh that poor baby, and Poor Mommy! That had to be miserable and so pitiful! Glad she's feeling better!