Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bella is 3 months!!

I know I say this every month when I update her growth, but really I can't believe she is 3 months already. It doesn't seem like it has been that long, but it also seems like she has always been a part of our family. So here is her 3 month update!

Growth- She weighs 12 pounds now!

Feedings- 4-5 ounces of breastmilk every 3 hours.
( She only drinks a couple of ounces at a time from a bottle which means more
feedings. Luckily, she doesn't have to take a bottle too often!)

Sleep- She sleeps 1-1/2 hours every 3 hours during the day. At night
she goes down around 7:30pm and wakes between 2 and 3am to
feed and is up for the day at 7am.

Play- Bella is loving her playmat, tummytime surfboard and her sisters!

Development- "Talking", laughing, holding her head up well, and the discovery
of her hands! She loves to look at them, put them in her mouth, and
try to grab at things.

*Favorite thing to do this month*- Pull hair!!

She loves to grab a fistful of long hair and pull. Lately, she has been grabbing the hair at the back of her head and when she trys to pull her arm away, she screams, not realizing she is pulling her own hair. Poor thing!

Bella does great at going along for the ride as we continue on with our busy schedule. She even does well driving to Greenville to ECCATS every week and watching the girls cheer and tumble for 3 hours. In fact, she sits at the window laughing and smiling as she watches the girls and guys flipping and being thrown in the air. (Look for a video and pics next month of Hailey's first competition. A lot of hard work has gone into preparing!)

We are just loving our Bella and as Hailey is known for saying "She is just to cute to be real!".

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

How is she already three months old! She looks like the perfect baby and like she completely fits right in! She looks so long in the first picture! You have three gorgeous girls!