Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas wrap-up...Welcome to our home...

We sure did enjoy our Christmas this year! Michael was off for the entire week of Christmas, praise the Lord, and we were able to spend it as a family. We had such a good time finishing up our holiday shopping together and visiting with friends and family. By the time Christmas morning came the girls were just about brimming over with excitement to find out what Santa had left them. Here is what our living room looked like after Santa left on Christmas eve.....

Mary Kathryn was thrilled to see the dollhouse she has been dreaming of and lots of presents and pretty clothes.

Does she look excited or what?!

Hailey has been wanting a desk for her room and zebra striped bedding so this is what Santa left to Hailey's delight.

She actually said she is ready to have some homework so she can use her new desk! But then again, Hailey actually loves doing homework!:) (This picture kinda breaks my heart. She looks so old in this picture!)

Here is Hailey's bed after adding the pink leopard and zebra comforter Mema & Grandaddy gave to her to the bedding and pillow Santa left.

And check out the awesome luggage from Aunt Crystal and Uncle Chris!

Santa even left Bella an activity center and some chew toys in her stocking!

And here she is chewing away...

She just loves the Grinch stuffed animal from Abby and Grandma in Ohio!!

And I'm thinking Bella is feeling really pretty in her new minky dot "Bella" outfit from Aunt Crystal!

And no Christmas morning is complete without a great breakfast! Just look at this yummy monkey bread we enjoyed along with Crystal's delicious breakfast casserole. The monkey bread recipe came from several friend's blogs and I can now see what all the hype was about! Michael and the girls finished it up by the next morning! Here is a link to Tara's monkey bread recipe that I used. But be prepared to gain some calories. Once you take a bite of this bread it's hard to stop eating!

Last but not least is a video of the girls coming down on Christmas morning. Hope you enjoyed our Christmas morning tour! Thanks for visiting!!:)

(Pause the playlist to hear the video:)

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Tara said...

It looks like a wonderful Christmas!!! Your Monkey Bread looks yummy too! You look like a pro at making it already, and you can probably see why it is a family favorite:) So glad you enjoyed it!

Love the "big gifts" that your kids got too! Merry Christmas!!!