Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bella is 5 1/2 months!!

One late entry makes way for another late entry it seems! Bella will be 6 months on the 17th of this month. I figured I had better get her 5 month update in before I miss my opportunity:)

She weighs approximately 16 pounds!


4-5 ounces of breastmilk every 3 hours.
She is also eating a bowl of rice cereal every night at dinnertime. We have just added homemade avocado baby food and banana baby food since she is almost 6 months. She really loves these new additions and has become a very enthusiastic eater!


Bella sleeps a 1 hour nap every 3 hours during the day. She has made the big move to the crib in her own room and has been sleeping much better than last month. Lately she has been waking around midnight and then again around 4 or 5am to eat but goes right back down with no problem. Naptimes are now spent sleeping on her tummy, but she still likes to be swaddled at bedtime.


Bella is rolling from her back to stomach and stomach to back....sooo she has now been rolling her way around the living room!! She has pretty much outgrown her playmat. Everytime we put her down she immediately rolls right off it! She is still LOVING bathtime, her new discovery exersaucer, jumparoo, and her swing and bouncy seat. And how can a baby get bored when she has such entertaining big sisters!


Rolling!, picking up large objects, and putting her paci in her mouth.
Now that Bella is becoming a little more mobile, we have banned barbies and barbie shoes and accessories from the livingroom. The last thing we want is one of those little peices to get into her mouth!

*Favorite thing to do this month*- Roll around the room, play in her discovery exersaucer , and chew on anything she can get her mouth on.

Is that a happy baby or what?!

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Tara said...

Love that smile! What a big, happy girl!