Thursday, December 15, 2011

The paci issue

So around here we have a very good friend that is missed dearly if left behind on trips short or long. A quick run to the grocery store turns into a total debacle if we forget to pack the all important paci. Bella loves her paci fiercely and must have it with her at all times, even if it is just sitting in the room while she plays. She can be completely entertained playing and then freeze, as if it just occured to her that it is missing, and start calling out "paci, pacieeee". She'll then stop what she's doing to go retrieve it.

Now don't get me wrong. Having a pacifier has allowed us to have many fairly relaxing trips to Charlotte, Baltimore, Myrtle Beach, and other places since she has been born. To be honest, she is a more content baby when she has her paci with her.

But recently, it has occurred to me that eventually we are going to have to break Bella of this pacifier dependance. The problem is that paci is not only just Bella's pacifier, but her cuddly friend. Even on the sandy beach this summer, Bella had her trusty paci right there with her.

 Being as that this is the only child out of three that has ever taken to having a pacifier, I have absolutely no idea how to gently break her from this love of her paci. It's been right there with her like another appendage since birth. So my question to other moms who have been through this is:

#1 At what age did you start the transition away from the pacifier?
#2 How did you break your child of this habit? Was it gradual or sudden?

I'm pretty sure that we're not quite ready to make a clean break just yet. She is only 16 months old and I feel that I have a little time. But I do want to develop a game plan and perhaps start some small steps toward the ultimate goal. I am thinking that more of a gradual transition would work best for us, but I am open to any ideas from moms more experienced in this area! Thank you so much for your help!!:)


Tara said...

Oh yes! "Paci, pacieeee!" is often heard at our house too. However, just within the last month we've been trying to keep the paci's only in their beds or when they are away from me (nursery at church, etc). We weaned Nathan and Natalie from them during the day time when they were 2 and then totally day/night when they were 2 1/2. I'm hoping to follow the same timeschedule with the Sams :)

Erika Trevathan said...

Thank you Tara for the advice! You always have great ideas on this parenting thing!!:)

Our Family said...

Our first daughter loved her paci, and we transitioned slowly like Tara with only allowing her to have it in the bed and then slowly took it away from there by allowing her a sippy cup with water at bedtime. She was an easy transition. Now, Lydia, our 8 month old I wish would take a paci b/c like you I know there would be times when it would be so much easier. However, she has no interest. I think I have purchased every kind available including the one like Bella with the animal attached. haha Sorry I am not full of advice! :) Lana

Graceandjoelroberts said...

Oh man, do I need these comments! People ask me all the time why every picture of Ruthie she has her paci in, I'm pretty sure its for everyones sanity! I'm dreading the day when we have to get rid of it. i think we'll probably start limiting it around 2 (trying not to have too many changes now). I always feel like Tara has the best advice, so I'm glad she responded! Let me know how it goes, we're definitely in this one together!!