Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The End of pregnancy.....the Beginning of a new life!

After 9 long months of pregnancy I delivered Bella on Saturday, July 17th at 10:05 am. Coincidentally, Bella's birthday fell on Michael and I's 9th wedding anniversary! Luckily we had celebrated our anniversary the weekend before. We have since joked that we will now always be celebrating on a different day, because it is now Bella's birthday:) To our surprise, at my 39 week checkup I was told that my c-section would be moved up by 6 days. I was very happy but also felt the pressure of getting the house ready and shopping for items we still needed. Luckily, Michael's aunt came and helped me to organize and clean and also watched the girls so that I could finish up shopping. Now, looking back I have no idea where I got the energy to get all of those things done in 3 days! I also wonder how I found the energy to continue working in the ER up to my 39th week of pregnancy. Those last few weeks the hallways seemed a mile long and it felt like the baby would just drop out at any time. I am so grateful that I have such supportive coworkers that made it a lot better than it could have been!
She is now 11 days old and I am finally feeling settled in. It is definitely an adjustment to get used to feedings every 2 hours day and night. Though I do not mind it half as much as I thought I would. I love being a mother to 3 little girls now and truly appreciate each and every moment, night or day, that I get to spend with them. I feel so lucky to have such a perfect little baby girl after such a long and hard pregnancy! I also feel very lucky to have such great family and friends who have visited us and helped us through this adjustment period. Thanks to Heather Jernigan for the too cute stork that greeted us in front of our house when we came home from the hospital. Also so grateful to our Sunday school class who has been bringing us dinner several times this week. We are truly appreciative for everything our friends and family have done for us!!!

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